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My work exposes the shape-shifting quality of racism in theater, and provides a framework for theater organizational culture to transform to fully inclusive and anti-racist through the use of conscientious theatre training. 

I believe unceasingly that our collective liberation is tied to one another and the way forward is together.   

My workshops and related offerings are taught through my unique perspective as an actor, director, and facilitator.


Each workshop is designed to be an engaging mixture of theatre games, anti-racist theory, self-reflection and collaborative exercises that model for participants what anti-racist theatre looks like through conscientious theatre training.  


My workshops are based in holistic practice* and designed to meet the needs of your organization.  The typical length of workshops range from 3 hours to several days.


* Education with a holistic perspective is concerned with the development of every person's intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. It seeks to engage students in the teaching/learning process and encourages personal and collective responsibility. ( sourced from Google)

Anti-Racist Theater Training


A.R.T. is my unique approach which blends anti-racist theory, social justice, collectivism, healing justice and theatre exercises for an embodied understanding of racism and our agency to become anti-racist. 

In this two part six hour course I offer participants the tools to craft their own unique anti-racist theatre ethos and delve into the three core principles of anti-racist theatre: harm reduction, harm prevention and relationship repair. 

Participants will be guided through self reflection exercises designed to strengthen their analysis of their position, power, privilege and begin to uproot their racist practices, policies, and protocols. 

Read more about A.R.T. here.

Anti-Racist Coordinator



Based on Nicole's areas of expertise, the nature of our Anti-Racist Coordination can include:


  • Anti-Racist Coordination for your film production or staged theatrical rehearsal processes.

  • Workshops and trainings based on your organization or group’s anti-racist goals.

  • 1:1 coaching for anyone attempting to deepen their anti-racist practice.

Consulting + Facilitation



Based on Nicole’s areas of expertise, the nature of our collaboration can include:


  • Participating in a film project or documentary.

  • Participating in an interview.

  • Participating in a panel discussion relevant to areas of expertise.

  • Facilitating caucus spaces for BIPOC and global majority participants


  • Conscientious Theatre Training acting workshop which center anti-racist practices.


  • Co-authoring papers/journals on anti-racist/conscientious theatre practices.


She reminded me how 

powerful movement is for

 actor/character  development. 

Stephanie Pounds
2021 Doctoral Candidate

Working with Nicole is an absolute 

blast! Her wit, creativity, and

 passion are only surpassed by 

her kindness! 

Every room she walks into is 

immediately brightened. 

Sawyer Stroud

The world needs more people like Nicole; those who uplift the people they encounter, who identify injustice and seek to remedy it, and who are humble and always seeking to better themselves so they can be better for those they serve. 

Eric Ruffin 
Associate Professor

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